Animate Dog Toys "12" Tall Gondolomio Romantic Italian Animated Plush Puppy Dog Toy Dancing and Singing Song "Ole Sole Mio": Toys & Games Our friend the animated USB dog has returned, this time with more of a healthy G- rather than a rampant R-rating. Just plug him in, and watch him do sit-ups all day long. It… Continue reading Animate Dog Toys

Lamaze Cat And Dog Toy

[embedyt]//[/embedyt] Winter’s Tails: Take a pregnant paws and help out a moggy – Last year Godmanchester had around 300 pregnant cats come through its doors. The support that Moggy Midwives give is priceless for frightened and often very young cats in the "family way" that need a calm and comfortable birthing environment. Since the …… Continue reading Lamaze Cat And Dog Toy